Welcome to Praxy 

Praxy (Praxis)

  • The interdependence & integration of theory and practice, research & development, thought & action.
  • Ethical, self-aware, responsive and accountable action.

Praxis involves knowing, doing and being… This is the foundation upon which Praxy Cladding Corp. was built.

Founded in 2008 as a small niche cladding contractor, the collective experience of our leadership team facilitated accelerated growth into a wide variety of façade options.  Building partnerships with our clients and vendors has been the cornerstone of our success. Presently, Praxy Cladding Corp. is recognized across the industry as a frontrunner in both the ICI (industrial, commercial, and institutional) and residential cladding disciplines.


To empower architectural brilliance through innovative & sustainable cladding solutions. We strive to enhance the aesthetic appeal, durability, & environmental performance of structures, while contributing positively to the environment.


To be the leading provider of cutting-edge cladding solutions, recognized for our commitment to quality, sustainability & customer satisfaction. We aim to push the boundaries of design & technology to create iconic, functional & eco-friendly building façades.


Fostering a culture of teamwork, diversity, respect & safety

Adhering to the highest standards of quality & excellence

Delivering exceptional service

Sustainability & Environmental responsibility



What Sets Us Apart 

Shop Drawing Programs

Striving to follow the high standards set by our friend & mentor Ron McLean, Praxy Cladding is committed to producing industry leading Shop Drawing, Fabrication, and BOM packages for our supply and install projects.

Environmental Commitment

At Praxy Cladding Corp., we take environmental responsibilities very seriously. We seek to improve our performance through embedding environmental & sustainability considerations into our business strategy, processes and organizational decisions.

Safety First

Praxy Cladding Corp. is committed to ensuring the health and safety of our employees, customers, and community. We believe that every person has the right to work and interact in a safe environment, and we take this responsibility very seriously.