The exterior elements of the building incorporated historical reference of Sudbury’s rail history through the weathering steel siding panels.

Weathering steel contains alloys that allow the surface of the metal to develop an orange-brown oxidation layer to protect the core of the metal.  Over time, the patina of the sheets become very consistent across the façade of the building.  The siding installed in the interior of the building was artificially weathered after installation.

Materials & Suppliers
  • 10mm thick Gentas supplied by Engineered Assemblies (4,000 sq.ft.)
  • HF11/12  18ga indaten weathering steel supplied by Agway Metals (7,900 sq.ft.)
  • 7/8” 22ga., Corrugated siding QC2897 Light Pewter (installed horizontally) supplied by Agway Metals (5,000 sq.ft.)
  • 7/8” 22ga., Corrugated siding QC28306 Charcoal  (installed vertically) supplied by Agway Metals (6,600 sq.ft.)


Rethinking the Future Award – Architecture Construction and Design Award, Cultural, Built Category (2022)
Architecture Press Release – Urban Design & Architecture Award in the Cultural Architecture (Built) Category (2023)
Grands Prix Du Designs – Gold Certification for Public Building / Cultural Building Category and Special Award: Architecture + Collaboration [Platinum Winner] (2023)

"It’s crazy beautiful; what a feeling after 12 years in the making…”
Stéphane Gauthier
Executive Director of Carrefour Francophone (Past Chair of the Board for Place Des Arts)