The project includes Phenolic siding and soffits (Gentas), ACM siding, insulated metal panels (IMP’s) at the mechanical penthouse, and metal siding (AD300) at the roof screen.

Materials & Suppliers
  • 10mm thick Gentas 4389 Brown Bubinga supplied by Engineered Assemblies (9,100 sq.ft.)
  • AD300  22ga., QC 56082 Regent Grey supplied by Vicwest (1,200 sq.ft.)
    4mm thick Aluminum Composite Material, PE core, BNT White supplied by Cladco (10,200 sq.ft.)
  • 5” thick Insulated Metal Panel Dove Grey #43R102 supplied by Cladco (4,823 sq.ft.)


2023 Urban Design & Architecture Design Gold Award