Ei8hty8 Condos

Praxy Cladding Corp was awarded the contract to supply and install Fibre cement and Phenolic accent panels to the façade of this high rise residential complex.  The panels are direct bonded to the sub-framing, there are no exposed fasteners. The feature panels were also incorporated into the design of the adjacent  town houses.

Material & Suppliers
  • 8mm Thick Natura (N071 Grey) supplied by Engineered Assemblies  (3600 sq. ft.)
  • 8mm Thick Tectiva (TE90 Super White)   supplied by Engineered Assemblies  (16200 sq.ft.)
  • 8mm Thick Textura (RAL 3001 Signal Red) supplied by Engineered Assemblies (6900 sq. ft.)
  • 8mm Thick Parklex ( Copper) supplied by Engineered Assemblies (1500 sq. ft.)